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Golden Shield Heritage Awards

The National Heritage Council conceived the Golden Shield National Heritage Awards (GOSHA) in 2012 as a way to acknowledge active citizenship that protects and promotes the country’s heritage. As the name of the awards suggests, these are the people who act as the shields against the obliteration of our cultural and natural heritage. It is important to acknowledge, thank and take pride in people who continuously contribute selflessly to the preservation, interpretation and promotion of South Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

The awards were motivated by the rationale that heritage has a significant role to play in promoting social cohesion and community development. Awards such as this one, therefore, give acknowledgement and expose the depth of the South African Heritage which is unique and diverse. This project takes a national character and is intended to be all-inclusive. We recognise the contribution of individuals, groups, or organisations/academic institutions that protect, preserve and promote the country’s heritage. The award recipients and the projects reflect best practice in promotion, preservation, conservation and/or interpretation of our heritage. Nominations are welcomed from all disciplines that have a direct bearing to how heritage is appreciated and preserved in the country.


Company Secretary Job Ad closing 21

Head Strategy Planning Job Ad closing 21 February 2023

The NHC has a vacancy for a Company Secretary who will be responsible to provide professional and credible legal advice to the National Heritage Council and ensure that legal problems are avoided, risks are mitigated, and organisational effectiveness is enhanced. 

The NHC has a vacancy for a Head: Strategy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation personnel who will be responsible in carrying out tasks to guarantee that the NHC’s organizational performance framework has the capability and capacity to support the strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation processes. 

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