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Funded Projects


Project Project Description Funding Allocated Project Location
International Library of African Music Completing the research that started in 2012 and to prepare collection for cataloguing phase 1of NHC funded project: (Research & Preservation) R 100,000.00 Eastern Cape
Articurate An African intellectual heritage education programme through workshops which is focused on Mqhayi,Gwentshe,Rubusana and Mgabela the 4 icons social: (Knowledge Production) R 250,000.00 Eastern Cape
Nkosi Jongumsombovu Foundation Lecture to honour the life and times of one of the great liberators and icons of SA- Nkosi Jongumsombovu Maqoma: (Liberation heritage) R 100,000.00 Eastern Cape
The Raymond and Dideka Mhlaba Foundation Research and publication on Raymond Mhlaba:  (Research & publication) R 200,000.00 Eastern Cape
Tlhalefo Career & Life Coaching Writing a traditional medicine book with benefits through conducting workshops to grades 10 & 11 learners: (Knowldege production) R 170,000.00 Free State
Mapha Organisation Research and documentary on the turning of leather from traditional to modern ways and publicise a book: (Research) 220,000.00 Free State
Bonke Zimele Foundation To research about the 03 September 1984 “Asinamali/Asibhadali irente uprising and produce a historical booklet: (Research & Publication) R 170,000.00 Gauteng
Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Trust Developmen of a permanent exhibition on Ahmed Kathrada at the Constituion Hill with narratives and visitor guide booklets on the exhibition:(Research & Exhibition) R 120,000.00 Gauteng
UNISA Storytelling to schools and documentation of indigenous healing systems(IKS): (Knowledge production) R 150,000.00 Gauteng
University of Johannesburg To conduct research on palaeosciences as national priority from Barberton: (Research & Publication) R 180,000.00 Gauteng
Sehonghong Sa Thuto To honour an unsung hero- Richard Gugushe, through the publication of a book on him and his neighbourhood of Dube: (Research & Publication) R 150,000.00 Gauteng
African Human Rights Film Festival The projects seeks to collate,record,preserve and restore the fragmented body of the Khomani San heritage including the Nuu language in a digital gallery (Digital archiving) R 180,000.00 Gauteng
University of Witwatersrand Public culture,  research and dissemination of heritage information around Kwathema township heritage: (Social cohesion & Research) R 170,000.00 Gauteng
Intsika Heritage Foundation To research events surrounding the battles between African leaders: Nyabela,Mampuru,Afrikaners and the British  @ memorialise the kingdoms: (Research & Publication) R 250,000.00 Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo
Sikhulise Foundation Memorial lecture of Sganandla kaZokufa using the rich history and work ethic of the Shezi clan: (Knowledge Production) R 200,000.00 Kwazulu Natal
Ndumiso Support Group Research on the African perspective of Dundee heritage (epistemologies of anthopology,history,political science socio geogpraphy and futurology: (Research & Documentary) R 170,000.00 Kwazulu Natal
UKZN Foundation Trust Research on the rock art in Mashishing an extension of a previously funded project by the NHC on rock art in the NC region (Reseach & Publication) R 120,000.00 Kwazulu Natal
Peter Dambuza Foundation Book production and documentary films on the Freedom Fighters: (Liberation Knowledge production) R 250,000.00 Limpopo
Ndima Community Services Conducting interviews on IKS, natural and history of the Vuu community and document:(Research & documentation) R 200,000.00 Limpopo
Waterberg Biosphere Reserve Development and packaging of a heritage route within the identified sites: (un-declared Heritage Route) R 120,000.00 Limpopo
Drumstone Arts Research and a book publication about the origins and heritage of the Ndebele people (Research & Publication) R 150,000.00 Mpumalanga
Tholo Organisation Oral research of Kgosi J.K Letlhogile, detention of political prisoners at Driefontein in Bona-Bona: (Liberation Research) R 150,000.00 North West
Monnakato Youth Empowerment Training of unemployed youth around internet research and environmental practices in the three villages around Moses Kotane Municipality:  (Training) R 230,000.00 North West
Masasa Communications Training and educating youths in schools on indigenous drums: (Indigenous Training) R 130,000.00 Northern Cape
Karoo Development Foundation Recording of family histories and cemetery management and recording of the names in Danielskui in NC: (Research & Documentary) R 300,000.00 Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State
South African Jewish Museum The project aims to upgrade the Jewish Museum’s records including the migration project: (Knowledge Production & Publication) R 120,000.00 Western Cape
Biblionef South Africa Research,translation and publication of books on two unsung heroes and heroines ie. Rosina Sedibane and Soul Saul Sithor into six(6) languages.(Research & Publication) R 250,000.00 Western Cape
Ruben Richards Foundation Holding seminars to dialogue on Khoisan history and identity: Knowledge Production) R 200,000.00 Western Cape


Project Description Funding Allocate ALL  Year Project Location
Myezo Growth & Development Institute Preservation, promotion and protection of indigenous languages through poetry and storytelling R120 000 2018 Eastern Cape
Kusile Women Empowerment Conducting research on Indigenous Knowledge Systems R100 000 2018 Eastern Cape
Buki MM Edify Researching, publishing a book and producing a documentary on the liberation of South Africa R300 000 2018 Eastern Cape
Nokwindla Heritage Foundation Researching and narrating the liberation struggle stories depicting the liberation heritage route by young people while preserving the memory of fallen heroes in the Sakhisizwe Municipality R100 000 2018 Eastern Cape
Novensi Organisation Research, documentation and profiling of Amawele (twins) rituals (around the life-cycle from birth,initiation, marriage and death) R100 000 2018 Eastern Cape
Jongintaba Heritage Hub Conducting research on the preservation of cultural sites, traditional values, objects and museum collections of historic and cultural significance to AbaThembu and its kingdom R300 000 2018 Eastern Cape
Leotlela Cultural Group Working with youth in schools doing story-telling, poetry, finger spelling to deaf learners to unearth any kind of book and documentaries R100 000 2018 Free State
Free State Research & Development Institution Conducting research on tangible and intangible heritage of the Free State cultural heritage practitioners and establish partnerships R100 000 2018 Free State
Volksblad Kuntefees Intergenerational transfer of indigenous heritage through youth dialogue and reflection on Xun! And Khoi heritage and its place in contemporary SA as a means to fister social cohesion, youth capacity building and continued skills transfer pertaining to visual culture and production R100 000 2018 Free State
Eliot Sabelo Makhubo Foundation Using the power of DVD as a tool of heritage preservation and to place the Ndebele graphics within aesthetic tapestry and explore how the emergent platforms can be used to promote the culture of Ndebele graphics R100 000 2018 Gauteng
i-Afrika Theatre Education Unearthing the struggle of Tsakane and documenting all local unsung heroes and heroines of the liberation struggle and how their history contributed to the legacy of Nelson Mandela as one of the founding fathers of our democracy R100 000 2018 Gauteng
Azania Research Centre Conducting research on the African traditional healing techniques with reference to the Madibeng District R100 000 2018 Gauteng
Afrika Leadership Development Institute Implementing a project for the enhancement of South African historiography, and promotion of reconciliation among kingdoms and black nations in the country. Implementation is targeted at the Eastern Cape chiefs R150 000 2018 Eastern Cape
Muandiso NPC Creating awareness through a collective heritage project to depict the heritage of SAAF museum as a centre of aviation history and cultural enrichment based on commonly learnt aviation experiences and working with the youth in Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape to create a publication R120 000 2018 Gauteng
Black House Kollective Foundation Sourcing written and oral archives, identifying indigenous men and women involved in the arts, language, politics and philosophy activism to be published in a book R100 000 2018 Gauteng
iARi Researching the state of African families as contextualised in the National Policy on South African Living Heritage R300 000 2018 Gauteng
South African Arts and Culture Youth Forum Promoting reconciliation and nation-building through training youth in schools on the national flag, AU song and the National Anthem targeting different provinces R100 000 2018 Gauteng
Eskhaleni Arts & Culture Initiative Aims to revive old African indigenous musical instruments and train the youth on how to make and play these instruments R150 000 2018 KwaZulu-Natal
Diakonia Council of Churches Conducting research and producing a documentary that covers heritage mapping of the historic missionary reserves and to profile leading Nomhlevu African Intellectuals R300 000 2018 KwaZulu-Natal
Mzala Nxumalo Centre   R280 000 2018 KwaZulu-Natal
Nandi Publishers The research and revival of Rev. John Langalibalele Dube writing through publication R100 000 2018 KwaZulu-Natal
University of Venda Facilitating research project on issues related to heritage, cultural practices and the history of the Davhana/ Makhado and Ramabulana dynasty R120 000 2018 Limpopo
Thodzini Community & Youth Development Conducting research on socio-cultural similarities & differences among Lemba Youth in South Africa & Zimbabwe R150 000 2018 Limpopo
Funanzwau Environmental Project Conducting research to identify geographical structures of the sacred caves and mountains and develop infrastructure that allows greater access to otherwise hard-to-reach attractions. Facilitating the development and management of the areas, thus empowering the local community.   R100 000 2018 Limpopo
WHY SALA Organisation Celebrating 100 years of Nelson Mandela through painting and graffiti, to create employment and nation building including creating awareness about SA liberation heritage R100 000 2018 Northern Cape
!Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre Training San women and youth around San medicinal plants including tracing wild animals, creating an opportunity for these women to open their own businesses or become self-employed as tour guides R100 000 2018 Western Cape
Early Learning Resource Unit Conducting research on the knowledge systems and practices in Lusikisiki and Langa R100 000 2018 Western Cape
Cape Peninsula University of Technology Promoting the best practices that are geared towards an inclusive learning space and the provision of knowledge in various indigenous languages R150 000 2018 Western Cape
The African Arts, Culture Education and Sports Trust Cultural and heritage project spread over three provinces and is designed to educate, uplift and instill traditional values through a traditional storytelling project hosted by renowned author, Dr Sindiwe Magona R100 000 2018 Western Cape


Project Description Funding-Received  Year Project Location
Ecumenical Services For Socia-Economic Transformation Profile of unsung apartheid liberation struggle heroes within the faith sector in Limpopo R200 000 2017 Limpopo
Reatlegile Youth Advisory Centre Story-telling and Praise Poetry R100 000 2017 Mpumalanga
Lekhotla la Basotho Research, collect and document Sesotho names, colours, sporting events and myths associated with Basotho horses R150 000 2017 Free State
Global Village Museum Collecting different patterns of Litema-murals and cultural messages as part of Basotho cultural heritage R100 000 2017 Free State
The Herman Charles Bosman Living Museum Research and data gathering by community members of the Groot Marico on the lifestyle of their ancestors R150 000 2017 North West
African Young Eco Minds Dialogue Compiling and producingthe research and approach of intergeneration learning from elders R150 000 2017 Limpopo
Bofihla Cultural and Historic Museum Collection, documentation and exhibition of tangible and intangible heritage of QwaQwa and Free State R150 000 2017 Free State
Dikutwana Development Centre Research, uncover and preservation of clan praise, poems project in Makhudumathamaga Municipality R120 000 2017 Limpopo
Kopano Theatre Club Preserving, promoting and celebrating the heritage and archaeology of the Taung Skull Heritage Site R150 000 2017 North West
Youth In Nation Improving and empowering youth by creating platforms for youth engagement, education and collaboration R120 000 2017 Limpopo
Ditoro Development Outreach NPC Book development on culture and traditions of the Batlokwa tribe and how they relate to the successful implementation of the national development plan R120 000 2017 Limpopo
Tswelopele Community Project Workshop on theanthropology subject to grade 10-12 learners with the aim of stimulating interest in followinganthropology as a career R160 000 2017 North West
Sol Plaatjie University Heritage Research and Publication, Education and Heritage R250 000 2017 Northern Cape
Mapulaneng Writers Association Research into the language of the Mapulana R160 000 2017 Mpumalanga
Puku Children’s Literature Foundation Khoisan research to building an extensive database of storytellers, librarians, writers, publishers, broadcasters, language practitioners, illustrators and teachers in the Indigenous Language R250 000 2017 Northern Cape
Selope Thema Foundation Trust Documentary and online archives, Photographic and audio-visuals archives R250 000 2017 Limpopo
The Pride of Ubuntu Arts Centre Launching a heritage project in schools that will educate our primary school learners and communities about their national identities, hosting of flags and the preamble of the constitution R150 000 2017 Northern Cape
Upbeat Youth Centre Training of 500 young people on Cosmology, Ubuntu, Taxonomies, Norman and Indigenous Knowledge System based technologies R100 000 2017 Mpumalanga
Source Point Indigenous environmental cultural stories from elders within the community arecaptured, archived and relayed to community artists who embody these stories with the help of the community R150 000 2017 Northern Cape
Velaninjabulo Organisation Post production, Production field work, Production of a documentary R180 000 2017 North West
African Conservation Trust Cutting edge technology such as 3D laser scanning, GIS mapping and advanced photographic enhancement R120 000 2017 Mpumalanga
Vhembe Arts and Culture Traditional dances of Vhavenda, nations such as Tshikona and Malende R120 000 2017 Limpopo
PAST Using South Africa’s ancient heritage to promote tolerance of diversity and national unity R200 000 2017 Gauteng & All Provinces
HSRC Preserving South Africa’s liberation by facilitating the documentation of the history of military veterans through autobiographies R200 000 2017 National
Amatjathangubo YouthArts&Culture Music Centre Preserving a lifestyle of amaNdebele as their only tradition to maintain respect R200 000 2017 Mpumalanga


Project Description Funding-Received Year Project Location
Swilombe Music Association Traditional Cultural Music  Training R100 000 2016 Limpopo
Phansi Museum Trust “Just Passing Through” visual artists of Umkhumbane.  The book will provide narrative and biographical details of the arts and artists who have spent time in the Umkhumbane area over the last 50 years R120 000 2016 KwaZulu-Natal
Open Heritage Preservation of indigenous vernacular architecture within South Africa R130 000 2016 Western Cape
Karoo Dynamics Researching, facilitating and marketing the creation of a Battlefields Heritage Route in the Southern Free State and Upper Northern Cape in twelve small towns R260 000 2016 Northern Cape
Ifa Lethu Foundation Documenting and preserving Indigenous Knowledge for innovation and development in the Creative Sector. The project will be located in the Nkangala District of the Mpumalanga province  where aged indigenous knowledge practitioners contribute immensely to the development of society R100 000 2016 Gauteng
Resonance Bazaar Research, archival & educational project using cultural research R100 000 2016 Western Cape
United Proactive Artists Documentary research on topic: Rainbow nation or Racist nation R100 000 2016 Gauteng
i-Afrika Theatre Education Educational & research work on the life & times of O.R Tambo targeting school children R120 000 2016 Gauteng
Heavenly Promise 123 Documentation of the life and struggle of MK Commander on the previously funded book into a DVD R100 000 2016 Gauteng
Sekhukhune Community Initiatives Sekhukhune Heritage Digital Repository on Youth Training programme R100 000 2016 Limpopo
Campus After Hours The Project includes research about African civilization, culture and heritage R100 000 2016 Gauteng
Maru Ciberconnect NPC Provide a programme to be used for capacitating Khoi San communities in the Northern Cape to use photo stories to document their heritage and culture R110 000 2016 Northern Cape
NPT Education & Development Institute To provide educational support, skills development, arts, culture and heritageprogrammes to the schools around Hekpoort R100 000 2016 North West
Sefako Mapogo Makgatho Foundation Further research on Sefako Makgatho’s life in the liberation struggle under the banner of ANC. The main objective is to create the centre of memory on the Legacy of Sefako Mapogo Makgatho R100 000 2016 Gauteng
Eastern Cape Cultural Help Desk To facilitate and project manage process of the formal  constitution of the Ingquza Hill Memorial Site ofthe Mpondo Revolt in terms of the National Cultural Institution Act ,Pertinent Heritage, and Conservation Laws R455 000 2016 Eastern Cape
Govan Mbeki Arts & Culture Forum Research on the heritage site to record the potato boycott around the history of Nomoya Masilela, Gert Sibande, Victor Khayiyane and Nokuthula Simelane R120 000 2016 Mpumalanga
Legal Language Institute Develop a legal framework that allows the practice of African Customary law and indigenous languages, develop an academic & legal thought & problem solving processes using Indigenous Knowledge Systems, and provide training & development to Traditional Leaders, Chiefs & Court Interpreters R150 000 2016 Gauteng
Each-one Life One Social Services A project to research a viability of specific programmes that can be anchor programmes in Celebrating O.R Tambo’s  centenary R450 000 2016 Gauteng
Africa Meets Africa This project involves the development of a Teacher’s Guide & learners workbook in the Pathways through the Interior series Africa Meets Africa R100 000 2016 Free State
Human Rights Media Centre This is an oral history project that documents the life stories of Ashley Kriel Detachment in a book R100 000 2016 Western Cape
Lawrence Ntikinca in partnership with IDT Researching, writing & publishing a book on the history, development and current situation in Clarkebury R240 000 2016 Eastern Cape
Amahlubi Royal Trust To initiate a discourse on the meaning of traditional Amahlubi Heritage in the 21st century R125 000 2016 KwaZulu-Natal
Riboningo Mentorship & Leadership Research and plant indigenous healthy foods to produce a recipe book and menu towards a healthy lifestyle R120 000 2016 Gauteng


Project Description Funding-Received Year Project Location
African Footprints of Hope Organisation Development of Raymond Mhlaba Legacy R200 000 2014 Eastern Cape
Tlhakoyapele Cultural and Heritage Institute Research and recording of activities of liberation icons in the North West Province. R150 000 2014 North West
African Library Trust To save local cemetery registers and church records from further detoriation, market and publish a book from the derived. R119 936 2014 Northern Cape
Cape Peninsula University The development of languages with specific focus on isiXhosa, the promotion of multilingualism within the institution and integration of languages into connect in academic across faculties. R200 000 2014 Western Cape
Swahombe Dramatic Ensemble To preserve and promote indigenous stories and honour the practise of indigenous story telling in Limpopo. R100 000 2014 Limpopo
Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Trust To research Sobukwe’s Legacy and histories of Graag-Reinet and liberation struggle in the area and produce manuscript for publication. R250 000 2014 Eastern Cape
South African History Archives To conduct archival research and oral history collection into heritage of visual resistance. To conduct workshops with learners on ways in which this heritage can be used to create socially engorged designs. R100 000 2014 Gauteng
Pniel Erfenis-en-Kultuur Trust Heritage and Cultural awareness and History of this former Mission Station for slaves of freed blacksthrough exhibitions-workshops R41 500 2014 Western Cape
Lehlasedi Community Organisation NPO Researching, Collecting and Preserving Indigenous Food of Basotho R200 000 2014 Free-State
Sol Plaatje Education Trust Research report on all findings resulting from the traces project- a heritage research project in Black concentration camps R198 000 2014 Northern Cape
Zakheni Trading and Development The project seeks to educate the youth regarding their national identity and social cohesion, and unveil our national heritage in terms of the liberation struggle R100 000 2014 Gauteng
Stellenbosch University Research and publication of Black cricket in the 19th and 20th century R200 000 2014 Western Cape
Reatlegile Youth Advisory Centre To facilitate Indigenous storytelling for primary schooling kids R167 233 2014 Mpumalanga
South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation Exhibition project to create awareness of the importance of Human Rights through educational workshops. Students will be approached for their input of WWII, Nationalism, Pseudo-scientific racism, xenophobia and discrimination R100 000 2014 Western Cape
Zungu Heritage Organisation Immortalization of his life as a hero and legand for postering through building him a monument   R150 000 2014 KwaZulu-Natal
Arts & Teaching Initiative Research and education on the Dower College of Education   R123 331 2014 Eastern Cape
Kwesukela StoryTellingAcademy Story and recording of four heritage sites R100 000 2014 Gauteng
Govan Mbeki Centre for Research and Development Popularising hidden history of the Eastern Cape R250 000 2014 Eastern Cape
West Rand Youth Development Educate youth about various cultures in SA R100 000 2014 Gauteng
Gauteng Music Development Victor Ntoni Music Book   R100 000 2014 Gauteng
Amazwi Abesifazane- Voices of Women Archiving R50 000 2014 KwaZulu-Natal


Project Description Funding-Received Year Project Location
African Centre for Heritage Activities Training, management plan R300 000 2013 Western /Limpopo
Qhawe Khoisan R300 000 2013 KZN
African Conservation Trust Rock art R300 000 2013 KwaZulu-Natal
Adams College Oral history, publication, missionary schools R600 000 2013 KwaZulu-Natal
Buyambo Initiation, cultural celebration, education R500 000 2013 Free State
Human Rights Media Centre Liberation Heritage Route R400 000 2013 Western Cape
Upbeat youth centre Indigenous Knowledge System – Yoga R150 000 2013 Mpumalanga
Heavenly Promised 123 Research, film publication, Liberation Heritage Route R200 000 2013 Gauteng
Africa meets Africa Education, Tourism R300 000 2013 Free State
KZN Progressive Primary Health care Civil movement on health services R100 000 2013 KwaZulu-Natal
Gauteng Music Development Produce music book R300 000 2013 Gauteng
Literature Project Book writing – indigenous languages R40 525 2013 Free State
Ikssa Initiation R600 000 2013 Gauteng
Tracing history Trust Oral history R200 000 2013 Western Cape
Go ye Great Commission Meaning of people’s names R150 000 2013 Gauteng
Rea hetla arts and cult Anglo Boer War research R100 000 2013 Free State
Curriculum Development Project Education, Liberation Heritage Route, Treason trial, skills transfer R400 000 2013 Gauteng
Africa Resources trust – Taung skull Education, tourism, booklet R100 000 2013 North West
Maru Ciberconnect Documentary in reviving culture and heritage of Khoisan people R230 000 2013 Northern Cape
Sikhulasonke Beadwork and Traditional Attire Documentary on the spiritual heritage of the African people R229 475 2013 Eastern Cape


Project Description Funding-Received Year Project Location
Kwesukela StoryTelling Academy Research and preservation of oral tradition through story telling R210 000 2012 KwaZulu-Natal
SA College for Tourism Tracker Academy Research on Sterkfontein caves R352 000 2012 North West
Bula Mahlo Home Based Care Research and Restoration of (traditional) old songs & dances R305 000 2012 Gauteng
Fordsburg Artists Studios Research and book publication on informal arts organisations in SA in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. R100 000 2012 KwaZulu-Natal
UKZN Foundation Book publication on Rock Art Engravings R300 000 2012 Western Cape
African Library Trust Preservation and protection of Heritage Collections R97 405 2012 Gauteng
Rhodes University Intaba kaNdoda research R250 000 2012 Mpumalanga
Institute of Justice and Reconciliation Research and conduct Workshops on indigenous musical instruments and Oral history R340 000 2012 Western Cape
The Institute of Training & Capacity Build Heritage Archival and Documentary R500 000 2012 Western Cape
! Khwa ttu San Culture Research and Training Programme R155 000 2012 Western Cape
Upstart Youth Development Research and booklet publication 71 000,00 2012 Eastern Cape
Selemela Development Trust Liberation Heritage research and documentation of the  Bahurutshe history R150 000 2012 Western Cape
The Jazz Indigenous Music Incubator Indigenous Music Research and Book Publication R292 500 2012 Western Cape
Halala Africa Theatre  Society Liberation Heritage research about Vaal contribution in the liberation struggle R100 000 2012 Eastern Cape
Sefako Mapogo Makgatho Memorial Liberation Heritage research  and publication on the work and contribution of Sefako Mapogo Makgatho R411 000 2012 Gauteng
SABC Research and Development of the Alexandra Documentary series R156 000 2012 Free State
Kara Heritage Institute Documentation on Indigenous Knowledge R300 000 2012 Gauteng
Masutsa Dance Theatre Projects Research and training Programme R260 000 2012 Eastern Cape
Kholokoe Community Development Archaeological Research project meant to supplement oral tradition R300 000 2012 Eastern Cape
S.P.E.C.S Development Liberation Heritage research and  documentary R410 000 2012 Western Cape
Ngezandla Zethu Research and Preservation of indigenous costumes R350 000 2012 Gauteng
United Pro-Active Artists Research & Creation of Indigenous Music Database R100 000 2012 Eastern Cape
Impumelelo Yabantu Trust Liberation Heritage research on the state of emergency of 1986 R200 000 2012 Western Cape
Wild Coast Jikeleza Association Education research on shipwreck history R91 500 2012 Gauteng
Education Africa Research on the preservation and promotion of the South African  Marimba R202 000 2012 Western Cape

2011 – 2012

Project Description Funding-Received Year Project Location
The Sinking of SS Mendi Ship A book publication on the sinking of the SS Mendi Ship R100 000 2011 KwaZulu-Natal
Tshedimosetso Community Development Promotion and preservation of indigenous games within schools R50 000 2011 North West
Sanity Prevails Research on the liberation struggle in the Transkei Bantustan state of the freedom fighters against Chief Matanzima R500 000 2011 Gauteng
Cedric Nunn National Exhibition catalogue on heritage pictures R50 000 2011 KwaZulu-Natal
Riversdale Heritage Foundation Advocacy education around heritage and research R30 000 2011 Western Cape
African Music Lab Indigenous Music Research R200 000 2011 Gauteng
Radio Bushbuckridge Advocacy around heritage programmes and research R250 000 2011 Mpumalanga
iKhwa tuu Extended curriculum training of San youth in the promotion of the San culture R200 000 2011 Western Cape
Beaufort West Museum Research on historical memory and mobile exhibition R130 000 2011 Western Cape
St Georges Cathedral Research and digitization of Liberation Struggle in the early days of the liberation struggle R250 000 2011 Western Cape
Advanced Dimensions Mngqanga-Ntlonze 1962 Massacre research R170 000 2011 Eastern Cape
Labour Research Services   Struggle and Labour discussions and articles archiving R200 000 2011 Western Cape
Resonance bazaar Research into cultural landscape and natural heritage R260 000 2011 Western Cape
Eastern Cape SACC Research and workshops around church heritage R210 000 2011 Eastern Cape
Nokwe Creative Development Foundation Collection, creation and recording of SA state of emergency and liberation heritage through film and video  

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