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NHC is a statutory body registered as a Section 3a entity constituted under the National Heritage Council Act 11 of 1999. It has, as some of its key mandate, a responsibility of

(i) making grants to any person, organisation or institution in order to promote and develop national heritage activities and resources (Section 10(1)(d);

(ii) Generally support, nurture and develop access to institutions and programmes that promote and bring equity to heritage management (Section 10(1)(h);

Annually and this is aligned to the beginning of its financial year which is April.

NHC gives funding for only one (1) financial year. NHC does not give multi-year funding as they receive their transfers from the Department of Sport, Arts, Culture & Heritage annually

Categories include and are not limited to the following:

(i) Women and Heritage Women constitute the broad category of unsung heroines, whose historical achievements have not been adequately captured. This programme calls on proposals of projects which seek to explore and trace the historical contribution and achievement of women in the promotion, conservation and management of our heritage.

(ii) Youth and Heritage This programme seeks to explore ways in which heritage can be used effectively to maximise the role of the youth in the promotion and conservation of heritage resources. While at the same time explore what contribution heritage can have in addressing youth issues.
(iii) Education and Heritage Can your project assist to integrate heritage conservation and management into the education system including public education programmes and forums/fora. This programme also seeks opportunities for research, knowledge production, capacity building and skills development in conservation and management of heritage resources.

(iv) Heritage Research & Publication/Documentary with strong focus on Covid-19 and its impact on the sector Research projects are expected to adhere to the following research principles but not limited to the following: Honesty in proposing, performing and reporting on research, recognition of prior work, disclosure of potential conflict of interest, protection of human subjects and humane care of animals in the conduct of research, signing of Ethical Conduct Form, expected produced work to be peer reviewed, submission of Consent Form for any research work, collegiality in scholarly interactions and sharing of resources and compliance with institutional and/or sponsor requirements.

(v) Indigenous Groups heritage initiatives in the country The capturing and impact of the origins and historical context of colonialism, oppression and obliteration on the identity and values of the people upon which colonialization was imposed. These projects highlight the importance to build upon the gains the country has made and creating awareness and affirmation of indigenous knowledge.

Any applicant whose project is heritage focused and does not fall within the excluded business formations not limited to the following:

i. Educational Institutions participating in heritage projects

ii. Non-Profit companies (NPCs)

iii. Community based organisations (CBOs)

iv. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

v. Associations vi. Foundations

vii. Community Trusts (NB: family Trusts excluded)

viii. Individuals who are involved in heritage research projects and have partnered with a qualifying entity/organisation

i. Closed Corporations (CC companies)

ii. (Pty) Ltd registered companies

iii. Section 21 for gain companies

iv. Cooperatives

v. Employees of the National Heritage Council, their spouses and immediate family members are not eligible to apply for funding with the NHC

vi. National, provincial, and local government including their Agencies/entities

vii. Beneficiaries of the Department of Sports, Arts, Culture & Heritage cannot apply for funding or be in partnership with applicants viii. Organisations that are currently funded by the NHC and are still implementing (active).

ix. Projects whose applications cover the following:
  • Home based care
  • Drop in centre and HIV centre
  • Performing arts/festival/theatre/drama/dancing/music/fine arts
  • Film Production
  • Training not related to heritage
  • Construction and renovations proposals

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