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We are aware that many young people in South Africa are seeking employment opportunities after their studies. The heritage sector is a very interesting environment to work. Some people have this impression that heritage is about the past, old objects, museums and forgotten archives. The National Heritage Council of South Africa have come to prove the opposite to be true. 

People that the NHC has worked with over the past 18 years bear testimony of the vibrance and amusement that heritage offers each day. The team of the NHC are passionate about culture in general irrespective of their profession. The programmes allow each person in the organisation to have an input and in many instances participate in discussions, dialogues and events.

The programmes of the organisation consider that heritage needs to be relevant to the needs of young people and the times in which we live. The funding that we make available to heritage practitioners encourages young people to apply. The Golden Shield Heritage Awards has a special category of “Young Heritage Activist” to recognize good work. Other projects such as the Resistance and Liberation Heritage Route (RLHR) and well as the many Cultural Expression activations have seen young and old playing a significant role.

The NHC is looking for dynamic and passionate people to join the team at the Hatfield office. The interested applicants for the available vacancies should have a special appreciation of other cultural communities and be prepared to learn about the heritage of others.

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