Message of solidarity on the passing of Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu by the Chairperson of the National Heritage Council of South Africa

The National Heritage Council (NHC) expresses its solidarity with the Tutu Family, members of the Anglican Community and South Africans in this painful time of the passing of a loved father. May you be comforted from the realisation that so many people in all corners of the country and the world share in your grief.

The Arch lived a complete fruitful, impactful and meaningful life.  His contributions saved South Africa from the precipice of mutual destruction and gave South Africans a legacy of reconciliation and a legacy of building on unity in diversity.  His placement of clean accountable governance and removal of the cancer of corruption offers the possibility of a much better future for coming generations.

His global popularisation of Ubuntu and the possibility of unity in diversity; his challenge for all to eschew neutrality when the powerful and unjust attack the powerless is one of the building blocks of bequeathing on the world a more humane face.  This great work must continue.

The NHC will do its best to continue his legacy by identifying, protecting and promoting the heritage of human rights, reconciliation, Ubuntu and social solidarity for equity, redress, justice and fairness and reaching out to all communities.  Other social partners are encouraged to finish the unfinished TRC business as a living tribute to the Arch and the many families who have been waiting for closure.

Hamba kahle Arch.

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