Ku luma vukanyi – Go loma Morula


Every year in February, the fruit that enjoys projection from UNESCO is celebrated for its uniqueness. This fruit, world-over known as Morula naturally grows in the Limpopo Province. It has a plethora of uses and benefits to humanity but the best is its ability to produce a delicious alcoholic beverage. A ritual ceremony and a tasting occasion know in Xitsonga as “Ku luma vukanyi” is hosted by the communities in the Lowveld area of Limpopo.


The ritual that will be performed by selected traditional practitioners will take place on the late afternoon of 18 February. This will be followed by a community celebration of about 500 people on 19 February 2022 at the Muti wa Vatsonga open air museum. Many celebrations usually take place for an extended period in the villages.

The NHC in collaboration with the Limpopo Department of Sport, Arts & Culture; Limpopo Heritage Resources Authority (LIHRA), Baphalaborwa Municipality and Mopani Municipality will host the festival of the First Fruit– Ku luma Vukanyi from 18 – 19 February.


The purpose of this ritual, was to open the marula season at the ancestral tree, or Gandzelo. By pouring the first beer at the gandzelo, the ancestors are informed about the upcoming marula season. Originally this is done according to the age old customs and traditions. It is befitting for the NHC to support such an initiative that seeks to preserve the Intangible Cultural Heritage and

promoting the indigenous knowledge system of brewing and serving Marula beer. The Limpopo Department of Sport, Arts and Culture conducted a desktop research on the brewing of marula

beer 10 years ago. It was found that the art of brewing marula is slowly fading and diminishing in communities and that modern generations are not skilled to sustain this rare indigenous technology. Promotion of the Indigenous Knowledge systems on brewing and serving

of Marula is the key towards the revitalization of these technologies. Traditional leaders and healers are key role players in this cultural practice, therefore an engagement was held to ensure factual recording of the Indigenous cultural knowledge systems. Ku luma Vukanyi is one of the two major traditional agricultural events within the cosmic calendar of Africa, which were regularly honored within indigenous communities.


These events do not only contribute to social customs and ceremonies, but also play a major role regarding environmental issues and to create harmony between people, the environment and the spiritual realm.

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