Young SA leaders explore Tanzania’s liberations heritage and culture

A team of thirteen young people from different provinces will embark on a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Tanzania through the Uhuru Africa Initiative Tour from 9 to 15 October 2017 coordinated by SOMAFCO Trust in partnership with the National Heritage Council of South Africa (NHC). This is part of celebrating the Oliver Tambo Centenary during this month of October. Adv Sonwabile Mancotywa, CEO of the NHC will lead the tour with the SOMAFCO leaders.

The young travellers will explore the liberation heritage and the traces of South African freedom struggle camps. It is also aimed at giving youth an opportunity to learn about the culture of the Tanzanian people, their heritage and traditions with a hope of fostering a better understanding and appreciation of expatriates in South Africa.

Annually, young people between the ages of 21 and 35 are invited to participate in a competition that is conducted on social media to stand a chance of being selected. Many young people participated and displayed interest on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram this year. Four winners were selected from answers to a Facebook question that drew the most likes and another four from a video post on YouTube in response to a question. Five best essays were selected by adjudicators of an assay competition to earn their space in the team that leaves for Tanzania in a few days. where the best essays.

“Tomorrow’s future leaders need to understand Africa’s liberation heritage and the role that other countries played during the apartheid regime. This understanding will contribute to eradicating xenophobic tendencies among African brothers and Sisters who are in good standing in society. Tanzania also has a rich cultural heritage history that can benefit young perceptions about the value of preserving culture in African communities”, says Sonwabile Mancotywa.

The tour aims to leverage the rich heritage in Tanzania to create opportunities for continued growth. Some of the key places that will be visited include:

9 Oct Depart from OR Tambo Airport between 07h00 and 09h40 The airport is named after a liberation stalwart who centenary is celebrated in South Africa this year. Known for his selflessness, principled leadership that was rich with vision.
10 Oct Dar es Salaam, Maasai Cultural Village The Maasai people are known for their well preserved and practiced culture in Tanzania. This includes their dress code, dances, celebrations andintricate jewelry. They remain an international focus and example in the heritage of indigenous cultures of the world.
11 Oct Morogoro – Mazimbu, SOMAFCO The Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College(SOMAFCO), was an educational institution established by the exiled African National Congress (ANC) in 1978 at Mazimbu, Tanzania. Its purpose was to give the youth that had fled South Africa after the 1976 Soweto uprising and children of existing exiles a primary and secondary education, an alternative to traditional Bantu education system they would have received at home. It would teach both an academic and vocational education. Farmlands would supply food to the institution and would also include a hospital. It was officially opened by Oliver Tambo in 1985.

The property still has its Bridge, Old Admin block, Farm, Construction, Factory, Primary school and Cemetery that will be visited.

12 Oct Morogoro, Magadu Military Base Magadu Military Base is the site of the 1969 ANC Conference. Magadu History and ANC Morogoro Conference History in the context of Leadership and social cohesion
13 Oct Zanzibar The team is treated to a cultural event the the Dar es Salaam (Harbour) after a long day’s travel
14 Oct Zanzibar, Stone Town Iconic landmarks are visited: Slave Chambers, Prison Island, Castle, Old Architectural Buildings and the Stone Town Market
15 Oct Depart from Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International (Tanzania) to South Africa This airport is named after one of Africa’s most respected liberation heritage figures, Julius Nyerere (1922 — 1999), a politician of principle and intelligence. Known as Mwalimu or teacher he had a vision of education that was rich with possibility.

The team that will be on tour will keep their South African supporters updated through social media on Facebook (National Heritage Council and Somafco Trust) and on Twitter (@NHCSouthAfrica).

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