With love to OR Tambo from the youth


With love to OR Tambo from the youth

On 27 October 2017, OR Tambo would be 100 years old. Centenary celebrations around the liberation icon’s legacy and values will be celebrated nationally.

The National Heritage Council (NHC) has started the celebration of the centenary of O R Tambo with the release of an anthology. This is a collection of literary work by young people from 4 Primary schools in the East Rand, Gauteng. It forms part of the bigger commitment of the NHC to “Decolonising heritage” in the 21st Century. This dedication to the inspiration that can be drawn from a visionary leader like O R Tambo is called “With love to OR from the kids” and was coordinated by one of the NHC’s funded beneficiaries, I-Afrika Theatre Team.

The history and heritage of South Africa has been written by visitors to the country and it is time for the people of this country to take ownership of their own stories. The NHC encourages the public to document, especially the heritage that resides as pure knowledge in the elderly citizens who are about to depart from this earth.



The project, With Love to OR from the Kids, bears testimony to how our heritage can make a significant impact on perceptions and beliefs of our society. By commemorating the values that a leader such as OR Tambo espoused, spurs the nation to emulate the same in their communities. Such celebrations of legacies contribute to shaping the fibre of our society. This book can be downloaded here: http://bit.ly/WithLovetoORFromtheKids.

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The NHC calls for proposals annually from the public to preserve heritage with a focus on knowledge production as a way of encouraging South Africans to document their own heritage.. The most recent call closed on 31 January 2017 and will open again on 1 September 2017 for their public to submit their applications. People who are interested should not wait until September to develop their concepts but should start now. The requirements are all available on the NHC website www.nhc.org.za.

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