Heritage is easily disregarded as part of national development priorities as it is often considered only for its intrinsic value in terms, for example, of social cohesion and identity construction alone. Heritage practitioners face challenges of accessing funding to successfully coordinate their projects.


The National Heritage Council of South Africa (NHC) realises the challenge faced by many, in an effort to preserve and promote the diverse heritage of Africans for nation building, social cohesion and regional integration.


Following this indicative realisation, the Council invites heritage practitioners who run non-profit organisations with heritage focussed projects that have a national footprint, inspire the idea of rediscovering South African heritage as well as preserving it for educational socio-economic or historical value. The projects, therefore, have to be creative, and sustainability is determined by the level of creativity and on-going financial independence after being funded.


The CEO of the NHC, Adv. Sonwabile Mancotywa said “It’s important that the process of streamlining heritage projects take place in this era of democracy through making funding available where it is due.”

The maximum amount for funding of heritage projects is Five Hundred Thousands Rands (R500, 000.00) provided all criteria are met.


“The Heritage sector has the possibility to make an enormous contribution to the social and economic capital of a country. South Africa carries a rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage that needs to be consolidated and harnessed for the development of local communities”, added Mancotywa.


The application form and more information is available from the NHC website: Interested applicants are also welcomed to send us an email if you require to interact with us: The closing date is 29 January 2016, 13h00.


Applicants are expected to meet all the funding requirements of the NHC as stipulated in the terms and conditions, Heritage Funding Policy and the Heritage Funding Guidelines which are available on our website together with the application form.


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