BATAKI programme

BATAKI programme paves new heights for the young artist

PhillipMathlokoNorthern Cape’s Phillip Mathloko who is part of the National Heritage Council’s (NHC) youth development programme- BATAKI, handed over a painting with an image of the Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa on a treated goatskin to deputy President at the ruling party’s manifesto during February in Kimberley.


Mathloko was also been afforded an opportunity to exhibit in Turkey through the Cultural Exchange Programme between the Northern Cape and Turkey from 28 Jan – 28 Feb 2014.


He is one of the nine South Africa artists who received a three months training through BATAKI programme in Ethiopia to learn a rare art technique that is mastered by a revered veteran Ethiopian artist and political activists, Captain Lemma Guya.


The enthusiast fine artist also won an award for ‘Arts Promoting Heritage’ category through the 2012 NHC’s Golden Shield Heritage Awards.

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