The 160-year-old Adams College, a landmark

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The institution carries rich heritage with a galaxy of leaders and icons that have helped liberate and develop Africa

Visit to Adam’s College

Members of the National Heritage Council (NHC) went to Adams College for report and progress made on the Mission Stations Research projects funded by the Council.

 “The ultimate output for the research, is to preserve and promote the heritage of the 160 year old educational institution, that embodies alumni of Africa’s great leaders that have been part of the liberation movement,” said Advocate Sonwabile Mancotywa, CEO of the NHC.

 Funded Components

The main objective was to investigate how local communities could use the infrastructure of these mission stations to address persistent challenges among the youth of Kwazulu-Natal through heritage tourism.

Eric Khumalo _PrincipalNHC funded the research component and documentary on the 160 years legacy of the college, which is a second phase (2013 – 2014) to the value of R600, 000.00. The project-leader was Thulasizwe Makhanya from Adams College.

A documentary on the legacy of the oldest educational institution is work in progress.

In 2005, the National Heritage Council injected R450 000 on a research about Mission Stations lead by Professor Vukile Khumalo from the University of Kwazulu Natal, which was concluded in 2006. Adams College was discovered to be the oldest American mission station amongst others in the province. Students from the University used the mission stations report through their thesis manuscripts, which could later become a publication.

History of the School

Adams College is one of America’s church Mission Stations founded by Dr Newton Adams in 1853 institution in the Republic South Africa, which was then called Amanzimtoti Institute.

Prominent liberation heroes like Albert Luthuli andJohn Dube, were teachers with the objective of educating the African natives.

 See the report on the first phase of the research by Professor Vukile Khumalo at the University of Kwazulu-Natal and quick facts about Adams College. 

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