NHC Research seminar day



On 23 February, the NHC hosted a Research Seminar Day where a group of five Masters students from the UNISA Studentship programme and one from the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture Internship Programme presented their Heritage Research progress to a panel of professors from UNISA and University of Venda (UNIVEN).

The following candidates from UNISA presented their progress on the various research topics: Ms Silindile Mzimela’s research topic is “Digital Curation for enhanced records management at the National Heritage Council of South Africa: A case study”.  A blueprint for hybrid cultural repository at the NHC is a topic for Mr Mogale Maponya whilst Mr Tebogo Molema’s research focuses on the Digital curation for the enhanced records management at NHC.

Ms Rovhofhololwa Mandiwana from UNIVEN, her Indigenous Knowledge research topic focuses on Unlocking the potential of Motlepelo “Sutherlandia Frutescens” as a medicinal plant to treat Prostate Cancer.

The Seminar was attended by the following academics; Professor Ngoepe, Dr. Maluleka, Dr. Mojapelo from Unisa and Professor Edgar Budeli from UNIVEN who provided their expertise, insights, added valuable perspectives to the discussions surrounding heritage research and conservation efforts.

The collaboration between the NHC and UNISA was formalised in 2022 where an agreement was signed as a strategic response to the high need of knowledge production in the heritage sector.

Dr Mirriam Tawane, Manager of Research and Knowledge Management who guides and supports the interns through their research papers, expressed the level of dedication and commitment the candidates have on their research topics and believes that through their research they will address the critical and scarce within the NHC.

The students were supported by their lecturers from their respective institutions, where invaluable feedback to strengthen their research was received from the panel of professors in presence.

Dr Tawane added that this exchange of ideas fosters growth and innovation within the academic and heritage conservation communities, ultimately contributing to the broader goal of preserving and celebrating South Africa’s diverse heritage.

“This seminar provided a platform for students to practice their presentation skills as well as discover how they can fine-tune their research and overall how it can contribute to the Heritage sector’s fourth industrial revolution,” said Dr Thabo Manetsi, Executive Core Business.

“This session has been really beneficial. Embarking on a research journey requires dauntlessness, and seeking the guidance from the Almighty always, as I believe nothing is too hard for the Lord. I have acquired a lot of research knowledge and appreciate the NHC and our Lecturers for the invaluable support!” said Ms Silindile Mzimela.

Dr. Ndivhoniswani Lukhwareni, the CEO of the NHC underscored the importance of collaboration between academic institutions like UNISA and UNIVEN geared towards the development and sustainability of preserving and promoting South Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

UNISA and the NHC reaffirmed their commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding of South Africa’s heritage, ensuring that it is cherished and safeguarded for future generations.