Ubuntu Initiative CALL FOR PROPOSAL


“Ubuntu” is a rich and meaningful concept that represents a core value of African culture and the living heritage that must be preserved and promoted. This philosophy emphasises the importance of community and collectivism over individualism. It is a way of life that encourages people to prioritize the needs of their community and to act with compassion and empathy towards others. By embracing Ubuntu, we can create a society that is more just and equitable, where all members are valued and supported. This philosophy touches every aspect of people’s lives, from family relationships to economic systems, and has the potential to transform our society for the better.

As we celebrate 30 years of democracy, let’s also advocate and educate our communities about the importance of Ubuntu Philosophy.

Tata Nelson Mandela is one global icon who resembled and emulated the spirit of Ubuntu. As part of this iconic birthday celebration, starting on 18 July 2024, let’s promote and advocate for Ubuntu in our communities.

Non-profit making organizations that advocate, educate and promote Ubuntu as an element of heritage at the community level are invited to submit proposals for consideration. Behavioral change is one of the critical factors for societal transformation.

The proposal must detail the objectives of the project, how they use Ubuntu philosophy to change people’s lives and behavioral change in the communities and how they promote Ubuntu as an element of heritage.

Only one project per province will be supported. The call will remain open for the entire year of 2024 until all the provinces are covered. The applications will be evaluated on a first come first serve basis. It is therefore advisable for prospective applicants to send their proposals as early as possible.


Send us your Ubuntu Initiative proposal of a maximum of 4 pages which includes the following information to heritage@nhc.org.za (the subject of the email should be Ubuntu Initiatives Application):

Name of the organization and the registration documents, province in which they are located and operating and contact details.

  • The background of the organisation (stating what it does as an organisation);
  • A community initiative proposal with advocacy, education and awareness of the Ubuntu Philosophy as part of heritage. (Background and the objectives of the project, proposed implementation date; Target audience, participants, culture and heritage element of the project, List of needs to be handed over to the participants.
  • Information about the beneficiaries (number of people, gender, ages, social background, etc.).

Please note that the project should be at a lower scale focusing mainly on the communities.

For any enquiries, Email: heritage@nhc.org.za