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Closing date:  28 February 2019 (12h00)


The National Heritage Council (NHC) is a statutory body established in terms of Section 3 of the National Heritage Council Act 11 of 1999.  It has, as one of its key mandates, a responsibility of disbursing funds for approved heritage projects.  In allocating these funds, the National Heritage Council aspires to expand the base of participation of heritage organizations in the country. Applications are invited from individuals, organizations and institutions.


Our funding will give priority to proposals in the following focus areas:


1. Education and Training

Projects that have a potential to integrate heritage conservation and management into the education system. It may include research, knowledge production, capacity building and skills development in conservation and management of heritage resources.


2. Liberation Heritage

Projects involved in the preservation of the historical South African liberation heritage struggle and utilised as a catalyst to stimulate local economic development. It may involve  identifying, researching and packaging Liberation Heritage Route sites.


3. Heritage Research & Publication

Research projects in all sub-disciplines of heritage are welcomed.


4. Indigenous Groups heritage initiatives in the country

The capturing and impact analysis of the origins and historical context of colonialism, oppression and obliteration of the identity and values of the people upon which colonialization was imposed.


5. Women and Heritage

Projects which seek to explore and trace the historical contribution and achievement of women in the promotion, conservation and management of our heritage.


6. Youth and Heritage

Projects that explore ways in which heritage can be used effectively to maximise the role of the youth in the promotion and conservation of heritage resources.


NB: You are advised to read the strict requirements before you apply and ensure that your project is heritage related.


Applications are invited from the following: 

  1. Educational Institutions participating in heritage projects
  2. Non-Profit companies (NPCs)
  3. Community based organisations (CBOs)
  4. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  5. Associations
  6. Foundations
  7. Community Trusts (NB: family Trusts excluded)
  8. Section 21 companies not for gain
  9. Individuals who are involved in heritage research projects and have partnered with a qualifying entity/organisation



  1. Closed Corporations (CC companies)
  2. (Pty) Ltd registered companies
  3. Section 21 for gain companies
  4. Cooperatives
  5. Employees of the National Heritage Council, their spouses and immediate family members are not eligible to apply for funding with the NHC
  6. National, provincial, and local government including their Agencies and entities
  7. Beneficiaries of the Department of Arts & Culture cannot apply for funding or be in partnership with applicants.
  8. Organisations that are currently funded by the NHC and are still implementing (active).
  9. Projects whose applications cover the following:
  • Home based care
  • Drop in centre and HIV centre
  • Performing arts/festival/theatre/drama/dancing/music/fine arts
  • Film Production
  • Training not related to heritage
  • Construction and renovations proposals


The following documents are necessary for submitting a funding proposal to the NHC:

  1. Official NHC Application form for 2019
  2. Organisations’ relevant and valid registration documents
  3. Organisation’s Constitution
  4. Valid tax clearance certificate; No Tax Exemption Certificate/tax registration letter.
  5. Latest financial bank statements
  6. A confirmation letter from the audit firm/bookkeepers
  7. Audited Financial Statements for organisations registered for more than one year;
  8. Fully completed declaration forms (SBD4 and SBD8)
  9. A detailed Business plan
  10. A project plan with itemised budget
  11. Certified identity documents of authorised persons


How to Apply and Submit?

The official 2019 funding application form and additional documents can be downloaded below, requested through our e-mail address: or obtained from our offices.

Fully completed application forms must be returned to the National Heritage Council offices at this address: Office No 16, Domus Building No 57 Cnr Ingersol & Kasteel Roads, Lynnwood Glen, 0081 (Physical address) OR P O Box 74097, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040 by post.

  • No faxed or emailed application forms will be accepted.
  • Organisations that submit more than one application per financial year will be DISQUALIFIED.


Successful applicants will be contacted directly. Should you not hear from the NHC within 90 days after the closing date, you should consider your application unsuccessful.


Funding ceiling amount: R500 000.00

Funding ranges:

Small: R10 000 to R50 000; Medium R51 000 to R100 000; Large R100 001 to R500 000


The National Heritage Council reserves the right to award or not to award funding.





SBD 8_Declaration of Past SCM practices (PDF)

SBD 4_Declaration of Interest (PDF)

Funding Business plan template example for funded projects (PDF)

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